Aims & Objectives

  1. To cultivate and promote SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in all its branches.
  2. To act as a body of scientists of eminence for the promotion and safeguarding of the interests of scientists in the State and to project their research works, talents, scientific contributions etc, to the community, country and world at large.
  3. To promote and maintain liaison between Scientists of different specializations and different scientific disciplines, acting as a coordinating body and encouraging scientists in the scientific pursuits.
  4. To undertake through properly constituted Committees and Bodies such scientific work of relevance to the State or of national importance, as the Council may be called upon to perform by the public and the Government.
  5. To organise and arrange for conferences, seminars, lectures and symposia at different places in Odisha.
  6. To publish proceedings, journals, memoirs, transactions and other works as may be found desirable.
  7. To commemorate and felicitate scientists and persons who have made significant contributions in various fields of science, technology and scientific literatures.
  8. To promote and maintain liaison between men of science and men of letters interested in science.
  9. To cooperate with other organizations in India having similar objects and to appoint representatives of the Academy to act on national bodies.
  10. To effect coordination between societies, institutions and Government scientific departments and services.
  11. To study, explore, examine and reinterpret ancient scientific literatures and traditional customs and beliefs in the light of modern scientific knowledge.
  12. To prevent emigration or intended emigration of distressed scientists by taking up their cause and ventilating the same with the authorities.
  13. To secure and manage funds and endowments for scientific research and promotion of Science & Technology.
  14. To sponsor and take up such other activities which will further the cause of science, scientists and scientific workers.
  15. To do and perform all other acts, matters and things that may assist in, be conducive to or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above mentioned objects of the Academy.